Tuesday, July 16, 2019

We are ALWAYS Learning

The discussion of “Learning Organizations” and their various consultant-defined flavors is starting to get to me.

We are ALWAYS learning.

Each time I talk to a person, I am learning something.

Each time I step into a meeting, I am learning something.

Each time I enter an environment, I am learning something.

But am I learning what you WANT me to learn?

When I talk to you – am I learning that you are a jerk?

When I step into a meeting – am I learning that my ideas aren’t valued because I am not one of the ‘chosen ones?’

When I enter your environment, am I learning that your environment is hostile?

Is this your intent?

If you want people to learn that you are a jerk, that their ideas have no value, and that your environment only works for a select few – great!

Call it “selective,” “exclusive,” or whatever floats your boat. At least be honest and clear about your intent. Be mindful that this is what you WANT people to learn about you and your organization.

The question is not “How do I develop a ‘learning organization.’ “

The question is “What are people currently learning, do I need to change it, and what do I need to do to best support what I want people to learn?”

Please stop treating it as something separate and apart from day-to-day life or as something special.

We are ALWAYS learning.

Are we learning what you want us to learn?

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