Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Looking at the Altitude Dimension

I see altitude as scale and scope.

I > my immediate environment > my family and/or department > the organization > the neighborhood and/or market > the nation > the earth > the universe > ?

We only have control of the I (and some days, for some of us, even THAT is dodgy).

We may influence our immediate relationships and environment.

Everything else, we need to observe and work with (or move on – if that is an option).

The small-scale and the large-scale influence each other.

Many of us are comfortable thinking at one particular level.

We’re being invited to look at how our actions influence, and are influenced by, different scales of our environment.

A way to think about this is through the language of business.

Our tasks influence our projects. Our projects influence our programs. Our programs influence our portfolio. Our portfolios influence our business and how our business engages with the market and, therefore, with the world.

Meanwhile, what is going on in the world influences our chosen market. What we see in the market influences our enterprise business strategy. Our enterprise business strategy influences how we organize our portfolios and what we are trying to accomplish in these portfolios. Programs are then developed and projects get funded based on what we are trying to accomplish at the higher levels (in an ideal world).

Think about what is on your plate.

What is the influence on you?

How are your actions influencing your immediate environment?

What might be the impact locally? Globally?

Details disappear at higher altitudes.

The north star is seldom glimpsed in the forest.

Can you see your impact at a level that differs from the perspective you usually take?

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