Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Update from The Lab

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Change Planning Update

Key changes:

  • I’ve separated out personal change planning and will concentrate on that during this phase of the project. Organizational Change Planning has been moved to phase 2. Opportunity knocked and I had to answer the door.
  • I’ve returned to Ken Wilber’s original definitions of the It and Its quadrants and simplified the explanation — mostly for myself.

Experiments have started and I will be sharing those over the next month as permitted.

The experiment list is available at – https://medium.com/@meaningfulflow/change-planning-model-experiments-e2d81006d0e7 

The Transformation (working title) — Book

As of September 28 — I was on-track for completing Section 1 by November 1. Because of the book promotion opportunity for Change Planning, my dates will slide 1 month. I am still on track for a July 2019 completion.

I expect word counts to increase as I continue writing.

Current status (by chapters in progress — this is far from all of the chapters planned):

Introduction — 75%, 1076 words

Section 1

On Paradigm Shifts and Revolutions — 50%, 2535 words

Old Paradigm — 50%, 3180 words

Anomalies and Crises — 25%, 4262 words. (I may split this section further)

Articulating the Old Paradigm — full outline

Competing Schools for the New Paradigm — full outline

Section 2

Addressing Wicked Problems — 10%, 1009 words

Organizational Design and Teams — 10% 1225 words

Mindset Shift Required — full outline

The process I’m using to write this is the same one I used when I wrote my Masters’ thesis in 1994.

  • Gather all the things
  • Separate quotes and references into the appropriate chapters
  • Put the references in my own words
  • Add my experience and commentary as appropriate.

Unlike 1994 — there are fewer paper notecards and many more electronic references. This is partially a result of technology and partially a result of the topic.

This is going to be a large book when it is finished. I suspect I will wind up pushing back the date instead of de-scoping since I’m receiving feedback that the survey is needed.

I will be updating my progress on the Personal Change Planning promotional effort weekly and the Transformation book next month.

Thank you all for your support and for encouraging me to show my work.

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