Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Meaningful Flow Lab Status Report – August 29, 2018

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Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on the project to date.

Notes from this month:

  • I have separated the Book project from the Change Planning Model project. Having a new Change Planning Model within the book weakens my argument for the book that much of what we need for the Transformation is already available. Furthermore, this buys me some time to test the Change Planning Model (thank you Dave Grey for the advice to test until I can easily have others execute the model without having to be there to explain it)
  • I received some great feedback from Robb Smith at Integral Life around incorporating developmental level analysis into my Change Planning Model. He suggests that it may not be necessary. Furthermore, there is no “quick” way of determining someone’s “level” or identifying a center of gravity for a culture without lengthy observation. Doing level assessment also runs the risk of inappropriately labeling people/situations/cultures in a way that is too simplistic.
  • The first video (Book Project) is a dress rehearsal for my Conscious Business Change Agent Certification (CBCA) final project presentation. I am presenting August 28, 2018.
  • The video of the Change Planning Model (2nd video) includes level analysis since I had filmed this before my discussion with Robb Smith. I decided to share anyway so I can accurately show how the model evolves.

Video 1 (46 minutes)

Video 2 – Change Planning Model (22 minutes)

Activities for September 2018

  • Complete and publish experiment designs for the Change Planning Model for review.
  • Get cracking on the writing for the book. I have set the due date for the survey section to November 1, 2018.
  • Identify funding sources for this work.

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