Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mastery Through Chaos

This past August, I went down to Radford, Virginia with some friends to watch the Tour of Destruction.

I thought the Tour of Destruction events were great examples of using creative constraints to increase mastery.

In this particular event – drivers in barely-running junkers race backwards around a wall.

Many of these cars have unreliable steering, unreliable breaks, iffy visibility, and threaten to break down at a moment’s notice.

These same drivers at other points in the evening, raced these same cars forward while circling another dead junker – adding a demolition derby component, played car soccer, and raced buses.

I have a hard enough time backing a car into a parking space in a vehicle with working power steering, even with today’s backup cameras.  To me – this seemingly chaotic bit of racing was a demonstration of mastery.


Part of the Tour of Destruction is a demonstration of the Green Mamba – a homemade jet car that burned so hot you could feel the heat at the top of the stands. It was an impressive feat of garage engineering.

One week after Radford’s Tour of Destruction, the Green Mamba crashed into a wall during an exhibition run, killing Doug Rose – the driver.


Please help the Tour of Destruction raise money to help Doug’s wife Jeanne restore the car. 


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