Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Dave Grohl on Learning and Creative Constraints

Despite becoming a legend in rock, Dave Grohl continues to keep learning.

Sonic Highways, for instance, was an exercise in traveling to a city, writing a song on-the-spot, recording it in a local studio, and filming the process.  The first constraint was more than enough. Adding movie production on top of it? Because…Dave Grohl.

In this clip, he links how he uses the occasionally ridiculous challenges he sets for himself as a way for him to extend his mastery and get better at his craft.

The constraints force him to get creative and extend his skills into uncomfortable areas.  He’s forced back into the uncertainty of the beginner. Can I do this?

Dave Grohl is well past the point where he needs to get uncomfortable.  He does it because he wants to keep learning and growing.

This is what lifelong learning is about.

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