Thursday, June 07, 2018

How to Create a Reskilling Environment

Reskilling is NOT about providing a library of online tutorials.

Reskilling is NOT about providing courses.

Or training.

Or any of those other singular events.

Reskilling is about developing new skills and knowledge to allow you to bring more value to the world.

Yes, training is a part of what is necessary for reskilling.  As Gary Wise explains, “training drives potential”.

How many times have you attended training, or a course, or watched an online tutorial, and never used the skill?

Or the environment didn’t encourage use of the skill?

Or the environment didn’t tolerate mistakes? Or time for practice?

To create a reskilling environment, we need to do the following:

  1. High-Quality Training.  Yes, training is an important tool.  It provides the knowledge transfer and introduction.  Training is only the beginning of the process. Oh yeah, and PLEASE allow the students to unplug when they are there.  If they have to continuously respond to email or Slack or IM or text or whatever while they are supposed to be training, no one is getting anything out of the time.  Your organization is handicapping its investment.
  2. Support at the Point of Work. Job aids, decision trees, whatever.  This is where the new skills go into application.  If they don’t need to memorize it, they don’t need to memorize it.
  3. Opportunities to Practice.  This means projects.  And this means projects with enough time to accommodate the practice of these new skills and low enough risk to allow for mistakes. And allowing for mistakes and lessons learned.
  4. Opportunities to Process. Give people the time to reflect on what is working and what isn’t.  Give people the time to figure out how to apply their new skills to solve the problems in front of them.  When people are rushed and stressed, they will revert back to old habits.
  5. Encouragement and Safe Spaces.  Learning new things is painful.  Especially if you have been an expert and now have to go back to being a beginner. There are setbacks. There are plateaus. There are times when it feels like you will never get it.  Be the guide. Remember when you went through that challenge. Remember what it felt like to be a beginner. Do this for your employees. Do this for your peers.

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