Thursday, May 31, 2018

Reskilling Prong 5 – Experimental Mindset

Treating my marketing and sales activities as experiments helps me get stuff out there and reduces the resistance (a little).

  • Do (sales and/or marketing) thing.
  • Put out into world.
  • Receive results.
  • Analyze results.
  • Make adjustments.
  • Rinse, repeat.

There is less pressure to get something out there that is “perfect.”

That doesn’t always stop me from procrastinating.  That’s a fear/resistance thing.

This is why the mentor in Prong 2 and the friendly safe space in Prong 4 are so important.

They encourage me to get over the fear and resistance.

Maybe one day I won’t need to lean on those prongs so much.

I’m not quite there yet.  It will take more cycles.

It’s part of the mastery process.

I am offering a free 45-minute Masterclass.

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