Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Reskilling Prong 4 – Safe Space

New learning needs safe spaces to allow for experimentation and development of stability.

New learning is scary – why make transversing the dip more challenging than it needs to be?

This is where I recruit supporters and allies for friendly pilots.

These are trusted friends who I know have my best interest at heart.

I’m blessed that these friends are also really smart – I get good feedback from them.

That safe space allows me to practice and solidify the new learning before going out into the scary world.

For my marketing efforts, I decided to approach safe space creation in three ways.

First – through my entrepreneurial friends. They can relate to the need to market (and the resistance that pops up).  We are also not competing with each other for clients.  They have provided sound, actionable feedback and encouragement.

Second – through my “target market” friends.  They are able to look at my materials and tell me whether they work for them.  They provide a good place for me to experiment, tell me whether I am hitting my mark with my service, and whether I am actually helping. They get free help, I get practice. Everybody wins.

Third – through a small mastermind group.  This is a higher risk approach, but one that I needed to add to my safe space.  I needed a group of people who don’t know me to give me feedback. We are all trying to do the same thing, so they can relate to the struggle.  They also haven’t heard my attempts to explain things umpteen-million times, so they are approaching my work with a fresh eye.

I consider this “coopera-tition.” We may be competitors, but we can help each other too.  This has the added benefit of growing my network.  I have no problem with forwarding potential clients to any of them if that client would be better served through their services.

Example:  If you are a senior executive or CEO – I feel you would be better off contacting one of the following:

None of those are affiliate links.

My sweet spot is helping middle managers and senior team leads cope with their current environment, find time to do the things that are important to them, and be less stressed about it all.

Let me know if you want to work together.

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