Tuesday, May 15, 2018

How I Approach Skill-Building in Things I Suck At

I mentioned in my last post that I am skill-building in Marketing and Sales.

Because I am doing this skill-building in activities I’m not naturally talented at, I have to do more than just watch a couple online tutorials, listen to Zig Ziglar tapes and presto! Sales and Marketing Genius!

Furthermore, there is a LOT of noise in this particular space.

Check your Facebook feed – how many ads do you see promising that you can make tons of money for less than 1 hour a week? Most of these folks are selling marketing solutions.

Nope, I have to use everything I’ve learned about learning and make a plan.

Treat mastery in uncomfortable topics as the project that it is.

I take a 6 prong approach.

Prong 1 – Collect information – get the lay of the land.

Prong 2 – Find a mentor – for feedback and accountability

Prong 3 – Develop a schedule of deliverables – making sure I actually DO something with what I am learning

Prong 4 – Create a safe space for experiments – to minimize risk

Prong 5 – Cultivate an experimental mindset – to minimize procrastination

Prong 6 – Share what I’ve done into the big scary world.

Through these 6 prongs, I am gaining knowledge, applying what I learn, and practicing for mastery.

I’ll talk about details in the next few posts.

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