Saturday, April 07, 2018

#52books The Start-Up J Curve

#52 Books – The Start-Up J Curve: The Six Steps to Entrepreneurial Success (Amazon affiliate link)

Format: Kindle

Since I started Middle Curve, I’ve been struck by how much noise there is in the entrepreneurial space.  All the things one “must do to succeed.”  It’s overwhelming.

Howard Love has created a map.  And he is NOT arguing to “go find venture capital money and scale RIGHT NOW.”  He’s about building solid foundations and habits.  Asking questions and identifying problems that the people around you have.  EXPECTING the downturn after the initial excitement of starting.

Howard identified 6 stages that many new businesses will go through and what to expect in each.  He emphasizes the activities to focus on, and what to set aside for later.  He talks about how early start-ups should expect to morph as they learn more about their customers. He talks about how a business takes longer to work than expected.  The inevitable difficult time.

I got through the first chapter and thought “Thank-friggin-goodness someone wrote this.”  I’m not alone.

I’ve been revamping Middle Curve once I realized my initial model wouldn’t scale and wasn’t sustainable.

From Howard’s definition, I’m about to finish the Create phase and am about to go into the Release phase. He talks about the procrastination and perfectionism gremlins that pop up during this transition.

Wow! No kidding!

I’m just happy that someone has identified patterns around the reality of starting (or re-starting) a business.  He identifies the blocks and hazards. He clearly talks about ways to identify and overcome them.

I am grateful that this book landed in my hands when it has.

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