Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Why Personal Vision is Important

As I move through this life, the importance of a personal vision becomes clearer.

What do I want my life to look like?

What do I want my relationships to look like?

What do I want my environment to look like?

What activities and causes do I want to support?

How do I want to engage in the world?

Why do I want these things?


Everything, from where I work to what I purchase to what I do, trickles down from the answers to these questions.

If I don’t have solid answers to these questions, I drift.

I wind up in places that don’t serve me or others.

I find myself doing things that serve no good purpose or are actively destructive.

If I do wind up in these places by accident, if I haven’t developed a personal vision, I don’t have anything to measure against.

Just a general sense of “this sucks,” then thrashing about to have things “not suck” but not knowing what “not suck” looks like.

Life is too short to be moving from one sucky environment to another.


I think we all deserve better.

I think we all deserve to be in supportive environments.

I think we all deserve to have our labor appropriately valued and appreciated.

I think we all deserve to have our environments and activities be in alignment with what we most value.

I think we all deserve opportunities to grow into our best selves.

To do that, we just need to spend a few moments figuring out what that looks like.

We also need to allow for modifications along the way as we learn what works and what doesn’t and as we grow, change, gain more experience, and engage in this adventure called life.


What do you want your life to look like?


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