Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Aligning Personal Vision with an Organization

As I move through the middle to end-stage of my career, I’m realizing I don’t have many project cycles left.

As a result, it’s become clear that I have to make sure that an organization’s values and vision align with my personal values and vision.

The quality of life that results when my personal values and vision align with the organization is much higher.

Furthermore, the organization gets more of my energy,  higher quality work, and a better attitude.

I don’t think I am alone here.


The late Sir John Whitmore, in the introduction to his 5th edition of Coaching for Performance  (affiliate link), felt that organizations are beginning to reconnect their business to their purpose.

As the people who get stuff done, we can help support this by choosing to work with organizations that have that connection to their purpose.

We are in an era where job stability is an illusion and there is a greater expectation that we will have multiple jobs over the course of a career.  In some areas, job tenure is even seen as suspect.

Because we have more mobility, we can choose where we spend our time and energy.

Let’s support organizations that understand that working for people, planet, and profit is a triple win.

Let’s support organizations that see their employees and contractors as humans rather than cost centers to be reduced or “resources” to be used.

Let’s choose mindfully the places where we provide our energy and labor.

What are your values?

What is the vision you have for your life?

What is the organization’s vision? Does it match your vision for yourself and the world?

What are the organization’s values?  Do they match your values?

Are the behaviors, choices, and rewards in the organization in alignment with the stated values?

If there is a disconnect between your personal values and vision and the organizational values and vision, how bad is it?

What can you do to close that gap?

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