Thursday, October 29, 2015

More Historical Perspective or Why I Fear for Instructional Technology as a Profession

This is one of my first web sites - developed in 2001.  I chose the topic because it was controversial (still is) and it allowed me to use lots of pictures in buttons.  Because in 2001, that was advanced.

Note the matrices and the fact that the instructor printed out every page of the web site.

As I sifted through my papers from my Instructional Technology Masters degree, it occurred to me that we are having the same conversations that we did in 2001.

Despite lots of research, we are still designing the same stuff.

Still asking how we can develop the same stuff FASTER vs how we can design effective solutions that better map to the way people learn and the environments we work in.

The solutions I see now are very similar to the solutions I saw back then.

Because when we are actually faced with having to DO something, we revert back to the same habits.

Thinking in terms of courses.
Thinking in terms of how fast we can develop a course vs whether a course is an appropriate solution in the first place.
Thinking in terms of "training" vs helping people become more comfortable with change.
Thinking in terms of events vs the small, distributed experiences that are proven to work.

We have over 15 years worth of research - people!!!!

Let's use it!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Historical Perspective or Why the Internet is Awesome!

I received my MA in History in 1994 from the University of Georgia.

Back in the day....those index cards were the way we organized our notes and thoughts so we could ultimately write our thesis.

The idea was that once we had enough index cards, we can organize them and the thesis would "write itself". (ha!)

No Evernote
No "internet".  We did have computers. And email - kinda.

I studied what I could afford to study  - which equaled something close to where I was since I didn't have a lot of money for travel.

Mentors included whoever was close at hand, and maybe the occasional phone call or letter to someone else.

Hence a thesis on Black Drink in Colonial Georgia. 
Because I was in Georgia.
And near an expert in the Southeastern Indians.
And the plant grew on campus.

Back in the day, we killed trees.  Lots and lots of trees.

I am so grateful for the internet.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Requirements from Scratch Step Four - What is Testable?

....though it has not been for lack of trying......
Wendy - why are you worried about this?

One of the biggest issues we ran into during our Unified Communications project was the development of test scripts.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Requirements from Scratch Step Three - Nice to Have vs Need to Have

The next step is taking that list and prioritizing it into nice to have and need to have.

For the Survey tool...what are the principles that guide that decision?

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Requirements from Scratch Step Two - Organizing Requirements

Apologies for it being a number of months since the last post.  Summer is Higher Ed IT busy season and between new management and a really big project, the blog got neglected.

At least I got some of this in.....

I need to do MORE of that....
Once we have the rough requirements, my next step is to organize the requirements in a way that makes more sense.

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