Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Firing SMEs as Instructional Designers

I'm over it.
I'm tired of receiving 100 slide PowerPoint decks with tiny text.
I'm tired of arguing with SMEs over instructional design.
I'm particularly tired of arguing with executive SME overseers over objectives.

I'm pretty low on the totem pole - so I have only limited (very limited) leverage over what goes into our LMS.  If a higher level compliance SME mucky muck wants their 100 slide PowerPoint deck with unrelated clip art in the LMS - there is not much I can do to stop them.

Furthermore, I'm tired of hearing complaints over how long it takes to create these 100 slide PowerPoint decks with tiny text. 

Having projects on my radar for months because the "really important project" suddenly becomes unimportant - for it to reappear as a zombie project when I am slammed with 10 other things.

There has to be a better way....
What if I could just give them tutorials already built? 

But we need to customize them!  We're special!!!!

Hmmm...what if I give you an easy-to-use customization tool?

What if you could point the executives to that baseline vs. spending the time to develop it yourself THEN having to go through the back-and-forth?

What if these were already in our LMS as scorable objects so that I don't make you spend money for custom content licenses?

What if this saves you money because you won't have to go out to another vendor to purchase a tutorial of unpredictable quality that may or may not work in our current systems?

Savings in time, savings in money, savings in potential grief for all parties.

We are in the process of renewing our contract for SkillPort.

As part of this - we are adding the Legal Compliance library AND the Environmental Health and Safety library.  We are also adding some SkillStudio licenses - one for my team and one for our HR folks.

I'm really excited because I see this as a potential way for us to get the SMEs out of the instructional design business, speed the process of converting from 4 hour classroom courses to eLearing courses, better track compliance training (since so much of it is spread out over paper and Excel spreadsheets in various departments), and have material that is 1000x more instructionally sound than what we currently have.

Cyndi and Sid, my soft-skills counterparts, are completely aboard.

However, I need a sales person. An executive salesperson.  One who can speak mucky muck AND has some leverage to enforce use.

My next task....figure out how to engage this sales person.  See how it can be to HER benefit....