Monday, June 18, 2012

My Dodgy Relationship with Mobile

I have a confession.
I suck at using my mobile phone.

Texting - I am slow as molasses.
Apps - I use very few.
Phone to Social - sketchy to non-existant.

I don't even bring it with me everywhere I go.  This evening, I left it in my room when I went out to dinner with Justin from Adobe (thanks Justin!).

I think this stems from bad mobile experiences as a kid.

Mom tried to stick me on a beeper as a teenager.  It often got "forgotten".
Corporations tried to put me on beepers and early mobile phones.  They somehow magically got "broken".
Dumped in water.
Dropped off balconies. know.

So I find it somewhat ironic that I am at a mobile learning conference, where my job is to start coming up with a strategy - around mobile phones.

Maybe this is the year I learn to love mobile and the convenience it brings vs. fear the constant "attachment."


Unknown said...


You totally brought me back with the beepers reference. I, too, managed to keep 'losing' my beepers.
That said, my beepers never had Angry Birds.

Wendy said...

Dude - I would totally have different feelings about mobile if my beepers had Angry Birds.