Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#mlearncon Tin Can Follow-on Conversation

I am going to look into this more tomorrow. Right after the session, I talked to Andy from Rustici Software.
- 1st main idea - "Fundamentally, this is about getting systems to talk to one another".
Not just learning, but ALL enterprise systems.  Education, LMSs and Content Development is not nearly as tough a nut to crack as business enterprise where complexity and obfuscation are valued.  Get those industries to play and we may be looking at a serious game changer in the education (and maybe even business) analytics space.

- 2nd main idea - Use as a sort of electronic CV.  How that might necessarily work remains to be seen.

- 3rd main idea - Gather the information so that we can look for patterns.  I asked Andy about the ethical implications of this type of data collection, how organizations will use it and whether they've started those conversations.  Quick answer is yes.  Again - how that might work remains to be seen.
- My impression that we are in way early days was an accurate one.  Kinda like electricity around the invention of the battery.  Looks like I'm a bit too far downstream to really worry about it yet.  Good news for me since I was afraid I was missing something

- One use case that I saw - "SCORM option".  This seems to be one I understand.  Saw this with the demo of Articulate Storyline.  This is not seen as a SCORM replacement though.

- A model that came to mind for me - Google Analytics and how it serves as an almost invisible reporting shell that you can then use to access the information when you need it.  Andy's comment - "We're hoping someone comes out with something like that where you can more easily access the analytics.  Haven't seen it yet."

- They've been really surprised with the amount of adoption they've seen in only 2.5 months of release.  My thinking - their standard solves some problems with SCORM and AICC.  The fact that it is based around basic English language structure is mighty appealing.

Will gather more info tomorrow.  Right now, my main takeaway is "watch this space...."

Thanks Andy for your time.  I'll be talking to you and the rest of the gang more tomorrow....

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James said...

Thanks for the quick update Wendy.

I would love to hear more about the Articulate Studio demo you saw.