Wednesday, June 20, 2012

#mlearncon Staring at Tools

I am in the process of re-thinking my eLearning strategy and, possibly, my tool set.

With the rapidly increasing demand for mobile and the fact that I am now training others to create eLearning (vs me doing it for them) - my requirements for a tool are changing.

So I'm starting to nose around to see what is out there.
Adobe Captivate 6
I am a Captivate shop.  I've been using Captivate since Captivate 2.

I've been making folks buy Captivate licenses if they want to plant their training into our LMS.  They do the builds and edits.  I get the thing in the LMS.

I do software simulation - so Captivate has been the perfect tool for me for a long time.
My audience.....not so much.  Most of them are converting PowerPoints (sigh), so Captivate is a bit of overkill for them. 

Something about the HTML5 "solution" in Captivate 5.5 set off some alarms - so I was pretty happy to see  what appears to be integrated HTML5 publication.

Unfortunately, some of the initial reports are a tad bit alarming.
- Seeing reports of crashing during demos in the Expo hall.
- RJ Jacquez's First Impressions post

Haven't seen many other reviews yet since it is such a new product.

I have to support this product right now- so I will be buying a license and putting Captivate through its paces no matter what.

When I took a look at Captivate 6 the Adobe booth, I didn't see crashes - or anything else that either excited me or worried me.  Again - I'll see once I put Captivate 6 into practice.

Watch this space.

Articulate Storyboard

As I may have mentioned in an earlier post - I have never seen so much excitement around a development tool.  When your customers randomly tell strangers how awesome you are - that's a sign you are headed in the right direction.

I had a chance to talk to Arlyn Asch as he gave me a quick demo of Storyboard.

I liked the PowerPoint-like interface - that "familiarity" will make my clients happy.
My clients will like the characters (Captivate 6 added them too as a response). 

Arlyn asked off-hand if I did software simulations.  That's my bread-and-butter.

His eyes lit up.  "OK - I HAVE to show you this other demo."
I've never seen someone so excited about their product.

The way Articulate does software simulation is by doing a full movie, then allowing you to cut at the frames.  Overlay objects are then put at the cut points.

This is a really different method vs. Captivate.  One that assures that you don't "miss screens" - a sadly common problem in Captivate.

I need to see how this works in practice - but after wrapping my head around it a bit, it looks promising.

More importantly - it looks like something that will be much easier for my clients to use.

Where the rubber will hit the road for me, though - publication to our LMS.  I know it does it. 
And they put together a Tin Can output (Articulate has apparently been actively involved in the development of that technology).

Between that and being a huge fan of Tom Kuhmann's work on his Rapid eLearning Blog - I've become progressively more impressed with Articulate as a company.


I talked a little bit about my conversation with Rovy Branon yesterday regarding MASLO
It's still in early stages.  Right now, they are in the process of getting the development and output right.  Next stage will be Tin Can reporting.

My thinking on this - possibly introducing this to our compliance / legal / risk management type groups.  If they are going to build text-heavy - they might as well make it mobile.  At least that way SOMETHING positive comes out of this.  They look cool.  Audience is happy (or at least as happy as they can be for taking compliance training).  I look forward-thinking.  Win.

I'm gonna put this through it's paces once I get back to the office.  Maybe let Sid - my soft-skills twin - in on it.  Once the reporting piece is in - and if my tests go well - may try to roll this out to the compliance folks.

Can't wait to put this thing through its paces too.

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Chelsea Pincus said...

Great report. I used to be a die-hard Captivate user, but now I'm a Storyline convert. It's that good. (One correction, you inadvertently called it "Storyboard" in your post. It's "Storyline."