Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#mlearncon Nutritious Breakfast

Starting my day off right :)

To answer Rovy Brannon's question to me last night - no, I am not going to be working nearly as hard at this conference.  Going into this one with a lot more focus and specific things I need to get out of it vs. Innovations in eLearning.

Had a great dinner and conversation with Justin Mass - now at Adobe.  He's the one who got me my current job.  I also wound up replacing him.  Still bummed we never got a chance to work together.

During our conversation last night - I caught him up on the changes to the staff training landscape at his old place of employment.  It struck me, as we talked, that last year saw a tipping point in the acceptance and desirability of eLearning.  That tipping point was driven by real-estate.

Get rid of the real estate for classrooms (and cubicles) - and suddenly eLearning looks a heck of a lot more desireable.

Management support takes some really funny forms.
In one workshop day - I have heard more noise about Articulate Storyline than I've ever heard about any other development tool.  I had 3 people show me eLearning they have developed using the tool and raving about it.  The conference hasn't even started yet.

Guess I know one of the things I'm investigating this week....
The extra scarf I brought - epic idea.

The conference areas of this hotel are danged cold.
So a few goals for today
- More data collection on the state of the mobile space

- Investigate the expo

- Have a lengthy conversation about Tin Can API with Aaron Silver.  If only so I can maybe wrap my head around it better.

I will admit to still feeling just a bit stupid right now in regards to the eLearning space and what I need to do within it.  Think I'll go with this feeling for now.

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Unknown said...

totally support your Tin Can API goal, so long as you then explain it to the rest of us.