Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#mlearncon Investigating MASLO

Judy Brown, in her presentation, mentioned it as an open-source mobile development tool that is potentially easy enough to use that we might be able to hand it over to our SMEs.

So I put it in my calendar as a "thing to investigate."  Because I am getting lots of demand for mobile and don't have a way to help my SMEs fulfill it.

I ran into Rovy Branon at one of the hallway sessions - since I heard he was involved in the development.

He's got a very informative post regarding what they were thinking and where development is at as of today.

What was more interesting to me - he and his colleagues at the Wisconsin Extension have plans to show faculty how to create mobile apps and plan to let MASLO loose with them.

They are still figuring out the training and instructional design.  But I may be harassing him to see how the faculty reacts, what issues he and the team run into, where the points of resistance are.  Because I am going to have to do the same thing.

Heck - I've even thought of some potential victims who the appropriate audience would be for this.

First - I will have to put MASLO through its paces and let Rovy and the rest of the development team mature the product and documentation.  I've already put the play-time on my calendar so I capture this while it is fresh.


Unknown said...

Did you have any luck with testing this tool?

Wendy said...

I can test the baseline UI - but was waiting for the documentation to fully set up the back end as of mid-August. Was planning on revisiting this in early October. Thanks for following up.