Thursday, June 21, 2012

#mlearncon Final Day

Went for this "lighter" nilla wafer donut from Psycho Donuts this morning.
Thinking the cookies will dampen the diabetic hit.

Tried out the House of Siam (@aaronsilvers recommendation) - Beef and Sweet Basil was delicious.

Checking out Rovy Branon and Moses Wolfenstein's MASLO presentation to get a preview of the tool I hope to play with when I get home.  Probably not taking notes on this due to lack of electric and the knowledge that I have to race out of the session to catch a plane back to DC.

Overall - this was an amazingly productive conference for me.

- Starting to develop the shell of a facilitation strategy to get the Mobility Guru and the Mobility Architect talking.

- Have a plan to evaluate some new tools that may or may not be implemented.  I will share this process with you all.  Especially since there are some big doings in this space.

- Have a better understanding of Tin Can and where it is at in the technology development cycle.  I just got a response from my LMS vendor.  I think there will be further conversations here (promising).

Idle Tin Can thought - wonder who the first developer will be to try to attach this technology to Moodle?

Doesn't apply to my current environment - but it will be interesting to watch.

One great thing about going 0 - 160 back into the eLearning space.  Lots of blog post ideas and things to share.  I warned Brent yesterday that there is a good chance I may be out on the speaker circuit next year.  I have some projects that have completed a cycle that I would like to share with everyone.

Considering I haven't had much eLearning writing juju in almost 2 years - this can be nothing but a good thing.


David Glow said...

Rustici has a connector to Moodle via SCORMCloud.

Wendy said...

Megan told me about that. Moodle is not in my current environment, but that is good news.

The only real reason to stick something in an LMS is because you require reporting. The stronger Moodle (and other LMS tools) can get in the analytics and reporting space, the better they have a chance at surviving. Just my 2 cents.