Tuesday, June 05, 2012

#iel12 Tuesday Pre-conference lurking

Catching up with work things and finding power outlets before the conference.  Because that's what I do...

Great thing about being in one of the newer conference facilities - plugs and wifi.
Every time I attend a conference at an older hotel, I am reminded of how rare enough outlets and decent wifi are in the hospitality industry.

There are 3 of us from my organization attending the conference this week.  We are doing a bit of "divide and conquer".  My notes on what I see will be in this space.  I am hoping to get feedback from them over the course of the week and share it with you.

I also hope to experiment with a couple of things this week (beyond blurry mobile phone videos).

If you are looking for me - I will be the one madly typing by a power outlet.  Come by and say "hello".

Everyone enjoy the conference.  I know I will....

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