Thursday, June 07, 2012

#iel12 Thank you

Thanks everyone:
- For the welcome back to the social media space
- For the feedback on my notes and attempts at video
- For helping me clarify some things I have been seeing in my environment
- For giving me some new stuff to think about
- For cool new technologies (intellectual) that I can bring back to my immediate environment.
- For the back channel 

Thank you also to Chris St. John and DAU for asking me to be the conference blogger for the 3rd year.
It took a huge leap of faith to ask someone who has been out of circulation for a year to get back in the game.

Some of you I will see at mLearnCon in a couple weeks.
Some of you I will see next year.
The rest of you I hope to see on the interwebz.

Have a safe trip home.

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Judy Unrein said...

Wendy, I have no idea whether I've successfully left a note on your blog (I do a lot of stuff on my phone, on the train, and either the signal is bad or I have to stop and bolt for the door), but I *really* appreciate your return to blogging! Hoping to meet you in person this year... DevLearn? TechKnowledge?