Tuesday, June 05, 2012

#iel12 Online Rogue Professor Pt 2

(group project - Breakout 1)
(I probably should have gotten out the video camera to capture the conversation.  May need to ask next time.)
(To find some options - my teammates went here.  )

Interesting tools that came up:
- Vyew (may be backend for Google Hangouts now)
- Disqus - discussion board you can embed in your own site
- Wimba
- VoiceThread

Cloud filesharing - one heads-up, put it in the cloud and it can be mined.
Ghost of Online Future

Cautions for Rogueing
- FERPA (and HIPPA for the Medical folks)
- Multitudes of Platforms
- Technical Crashes - be prepared!
- "Hackers" into Blogs and Sites
- Constant need to shift...volatile market
   + Ning-ification (free service suddenly becomes paid)
   + My Favorite Ap just got bought! (please see Elluminate -> Blackboard Collaborate)

Check your library.  They will have a bunch of stuff that you hadn't thought of as tools and resources.

"Not Yet" - IT may not be ready to support this.
(And this is why you share this with your IT)

Advanced Rogueing
- Bloom and Technology - mapping digital tools to Bloom's Taxonomy
- Linking to Embedding - this is about control.  How much.
- Rich Media - It's about the Video
  + Screen Capture
  + Webinars / (A)Synchronous Video Discussions
  + The "Flipped" Classroom - what are you doing to make their f2f time worthwhile?
- Students do it Too!  How much storage did you say?
  + Eventually - our students need to be able to do this.
  + In higher ed - accrediation and need for artifacts FROM THE STUDENTS

Heads up - we need to teach to write to a screen
- People prefer click over scroll
- Medline Plus - think about the complexity of the navigation and writing when viewing this site.

Designing for Apps
- Apps do one little thing
- Can only look at the information they want you to look at
- Advantage: apps can keep folks totally locked in (CONTROL!!!!)

Standards for Online Courses (one example - NYiT)
- Scoresheet / Matrix for online course delivery
- Based on Quality Matters rubric

What an institution can do - corrall the rogues who are going to do it anyway as a "Research and Development team" and use them as a group to learn.

Discussion of "Edupunk" and moving outside of business vendors.

Hard part - long-term.  Almost has to come after.  By the time you finish it...probably have new stuff...

Expectations have changed.
- Book is on the phone. 
- I can do work as I move.
- "everything I need should be on my smartphone"

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