Wednesday, May 11, 2011

#skillsoftp11 Hogwarts Gaming Competition

Gaming is an effective way of training people

- Out of reach for most organizations – costs of programming etc

Example: PacMan

- No one explained how it worked.

- Learn about boundaries of environment

- How characters behave and consequences of actions

Multiple choice – lose the intangibles

Identify the elements of the workplace

- Learners not necessarily TOLD, but experiencing and learning skills that can’t be taught in traditional manner

Characteristics of games

- Strong narrative – fits in nicely with adult learning principals, esp. relevancy

+ Consequences

+ Storytelling

- Strong characters – you learn about how orgs run by how people interact with you

- Exploration of a world – something learners can relate to

- Learn through Challenges (Decision-making)

+ PacMan – making decisions on the fly and through re-playability, apply what learn

- Risk / Reward

+ Run or go for the pill?

+ Life like that – could be dangerous, but the payoff could be huge

- Scoring – people like to be competitive

+ Folks want best score

- Gotta be FUN!

+ Even simplest game

+ Can you get people to crowd around and try again?

Day-in-a-life game

- Building out a framework that models the workplace

- Give learner ability to perform daily task

- Multiple levels of challenges

- Interactions with customers/ co-workers etc

- Complex scoring

Example day-in-a-life game: Office Galaxy (demo game)

- 2 dimensional avatar cartoon – consistent graphic mood (comic book in this case)

- goofy retro gaming music

- allowed personalization

- Narrative: give background, focused narrative

- Character: Shift leader serves as helper through game

- Character: Manager – will give feedback

- Set your objectives based on the behaviors you want to demonstrate

+ [What is your time scale? 8 hour shift? Weeks? Months?]

- Satisfaction / consequences checks for instantaneous feedback

+ Both graphic and explanation

Think about your job on a daily basis

- 3 or 4 high priority

- 3 or 4 medium

- 3 or 4 optional, but random

How are you going to accomplish more in that amount of time?

Interactive activities

Also have people wanting help (optional challenges)

Intersperse narrative throughout game

[Didn't stick around for the contest. Decided to rest and medicate for this evening's Harry Potter event. Because dangit I am going to get out of this hotel even if it kills me.]

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