Thursday, June 09, 2011

#iel11 Sustaining Quality in Faculty Training

(Sessions started with discussion of why they are still using paper surveys. Didn't think that was particularly fair to the presenter. Just saying....)

Presentation: Sustaining Quality in Faculty Training
Presenter: Dr. Judith Bayless

What is quality anyway? How a customer experiences a result of a service or product.
- Risk exchange between provider and customer / constituent
- Risk measured by perception of value of spending energy on the service or product

Struggling with communicating the value of faculty training exercise back to the organization.
- Ecosystem may be the metaphor going for.

There is a different philosophical way of looking at quality - not straight financial.

Ecosystem- interchange of energy among inter-related parts
- Quality - willingness to exchange energy

The ULTIMATE constituent of the faculty training is the student
- What are the unintended consequences of the training
- How are we tracking the consequences - intended and unintended

IN ecosystem - we survive by sensorial input.
- touch, sight, etc

Their program - they teach SMEs how to become trainers / teachers.
- Need to show competency alignments
- Have 100-400 series courses (like Universities), but it is mapped to different competencies vs. novice to expert
- First couple of years - tend to be teaching. THEN curriculum development.

(lots of talk about faculty hiring and how DAU Faculty Training structured - moving to another session)

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