Thursday, June 09, 2011

#iel11 Social Media Bootcamp

If we don't train people how to do it at work - not like they are not doing it at home.
- WE can help them understand appropriate use.

(Mark never thought he'd see the day)
- DoD Social Media Hub
- Army Social Media handbook

They also put together a really nice app.
Had a nice conversation with KC, a new social media user.

I wrote this when I first started. It's been 5 years (OMG - has it been THAT LONG?!?!) The feelings still apply.

We are starting to see late adopters with these technologies. Never discount the fear of putting yourself out there.
Mark Oehlert showed me CoveritLive. I've seen it used. Need to play with it.

Incentivizing social media
- People embrace change when understand positive benefits.

3 hurdles
- fear
- control
- trust

Social Media is about HUMANS
Fear - exposing selves.
Fear - what if people say something bad/stupid/secret? Do you have a phone?


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