Thursday, June 09, 2011

#iel11 The brief Cover-It-Live experiment

Hiding out in a vacant conference room again to collect my thoughts and re-charge the batteries (on my laptop and myself)


My thoughts on the Cover It Live experiment for conference notes:
- This will work best with a twitter session-level hash tag. (This tool during Robert Scoble's widely-reviled presentation 2 years ago would have been priceless.)

- When I write up conference notes, I tend to go back and forth depending on the presentation. I don't tackle these posts in a linear fashion.

- It would be super-cool for aggregating multiple feeds as a live conference event. Kinda like a #lrnchat. Particularly if there is no widely-agreed upon hash tag (or as Dave Ferguson calls them - multiple hashedtags ("n. an incorrectly remembered hash tag")

I do need to play with the video and upload functions. This could be a real powerful tool.

But for this conference, going back to the regularly scheduled workflow :)

Thanks Mark O for the recommendation.

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