Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#skillsoftp11 Tuesday

Wound up with a full blown dose of the crud by the end of yesterday. Spent most of the night hacking and coughing. Apparently, the DayQuil I consumed as a mid-day snack didn’t work. Maybe I should bag the pills and just go liquid.

Attempt at hot shower to clear the junk out was also a fail – managed no better than lukewarm. Apparently, one of the main hot water towers failed, impacting the rooms in my section of the hotel. I noticed that the “hot” water when I tried to take a bath was a tad cool. The front desk swears that I should be able to take a hot shower or bath this afternoon. It would suck if it doesn’t work – the shower in my room is large enough for a 5 person orgy. Hate to waste that level of luxury on lukewarm showers.

On a positive note – discovered that one of my fraternity brothers (hi Shaggy!) worked for one of my SkillPort contacts (hi Kevin). I think Kevin was really surprised that not only did I know one of his former employees, I had also known him for 20-some-odd years.

2nd positive note – ran into my cousin Karen. And I was bummed that I wasn’t going to get a chance to see her due to my battle with the creepy crud. At least I got to talk with her briefly. Hope I didn't give her the creepy crud.

Small world.

Today’s notes may be truncated. I skipped all of the large ballroom stuff until the keynote. Figured the extra rest would do me a LOT of good. I also figured that the other attendees would appreciate me NOT hacking and coughing in the back the entire time.

My netbook is not connecting to the WiFi in the lobby areas. Thankfully, the hotel room has really good wired internet. As a result, I will be loading in bulk. Not optimal, but it beats rewriting my handwritten notes.

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