Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#skillsoftp11 Tuesday Keynote

Truncated - because I couldn't stop coughing and the thing was being filmed live.
Stupid #$*(#$ cold.
Satellite interactive teleconference event – will be produced in the conference and broadcast out

Will be part of the Leadership Development Channel in SkillPort.

[BTW – the book is free on Kindle today]
(Shawn – Exec Producer)
We can sometimes get pre-occupied with “the killer app” when we are really trying to connect people with ideas

Connect people to ideas as seamlessly as possible to create behavioral change.

Passion might be what you love to do / your purpose is why the world loves you.

Tim Sanders

- Mothers make incredible influence in business world through example.
- Sales and Marketing – fat budgets, well liked by CFOs.

For the training and development folks
I am not a cost center
I am a profit center

A company that stops all training and development – LOSER

I sell business performance
- Breakthrough product development
- Sales – sells bottom line revenue.

Training and development is the CORE performance driver of the company

Build real case studies. All c-levels respond to case studies.
- How did you take individuals from A to B (before/after)
- Singular case studies around different ideas

Tip for HR generalists – to have a positive culture
- Stop hiring unhappy negative people.
- Don’t hire high-performance bad attitude person
- The high performance jerk will poison environment – everyone else will leave
o The manager seduced by the performance.
- Refer him to a competitor

Leadership Development Channel
[Nothing like being a live audience. Sucking on lots of mints and water to try to keep the coughing down. Good thing I am way in the back.]

The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.
- Challenge the way you see the world
- Combine call to adventure with call to action

Idea: Success is NOT a destination. It is a direction. The direction is forward.
- Remember the mind is a goal-striving mechanism
- #SkillSoftP11

Mark Cuban saw objections as opportunities to shine.
- Not stopped by things that phase others

Grandma – you are either the phoenix or the fire
- Troubles separate the strong from the weak

When something in the economy goes wrong – initially we blame others. As go on – we start to take it personally.
- People get addicted to watching bad news.
- Can’t be paranoid enough during bad times.
- For every minute work, worry for 10.
- Will get into head
- Change work behavior. Go from balanced to workaholic
- Language change – from builder to beater. From rainmaker to downer.
- Life begins to fall apart
- The annual review – so terrible, woke up.

Are you going sideways?
- Easy to spin out of control and wait passively for the next boom time
- What are you NOT doing today that you did back in the day? What are you NOT giving?
- [answer that for yourself]

Principles from Grandma
- There is enough to go around – change the way you behave and acted.

The leader’s role is to define reality – and then give hope.

If we don’t go back to what worked in 2005-2006, we will ALL experience personal recessions.
- We stopped growing.
- A personal recession – when you stop growing for a year personally, professionally. “Just getting by” This is NOT the way to live.

If we don’t start moving forward, we can’t take advantage of the next upswing

Hanging Tough – New Yorker
- Phoenix companies before recession actually officially over. (all recessions)
- They continue to invest in the future,
- Stop thinking short as soon as feel the technicals are sound

We are not pointing the mechanism forward.

Question 1: How do you see the world?
- Perspective determine everything. Language, actions
- Are you scarcity thinker or abundance thinker?
- ALL times.
- Success exclusive or contagious?
- Should information be kept in silo since info = power>
- Perspective trigged by environment.
- If don’t manage it – scarcity thinking is default.

We have to cultivate abundance thinking as the way we see the world – thick OR thin
- Scarcity thinking will eat at your head.
- Focus on what OTHERs getting.
- HR – notice leaders start to hoard resources. Hire too many people.
- Greed is just fear during good times.
- Start to compete. People start to go to war with each other.
- Focus on lack.
- Focus on lack – will repel high performance people

You use fear because it works on you. But it also makes you unhappy.

2 kinds of rich - $$$ rich and meaning rich

Where does abundance mentality come from?
- Deep self of confidence and self worth

[At this point, I had to leave. Could not stop coughing. This is going to be a long conference day at this rate.]

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