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#skillsoftp11 The SkillPort Roadmap

I asked permission to blog this one on the off chance they are giving away company secrets. Thank you Stephanie.

My cousin was kind enough to come to my room and provide medication and a bit of moral support. Will be hiding in my room for the rest of the evening. Just me, some NyQuil, 2 cell phones, the laptop, the 2nd half of my sandwich from lunch and lots of tea and water.

A rockin' evening is on tap tonight.

Presentation: The SkillPort Roadmap
Presenter: Stephanie Pyle, SkillSoft

Over 2000 customers and 7 million end users
- Now in Market Leader bracket
- One of largest deployments of LMS in world

A focus on building highly requested functionality while focusing on simplicity of implementation

SaaS Platform – hosted and managed for you.
- Maybe 15 who have on own servers
o Multi-tenant architecture – at any point you can upgrade, but don’t have to
o Update one, updates all
o New releases immediately available
o Customer data isolation – no data comingled. 2 customers – ea with separate database
Configured, not customized
- Standard operating procedures
- Simplified software upgrades
- Automated business process

Dedicated Technical Expertise
- In depth domain and tech

[showed off SkillPort 7 interface]
- let users drill down using file/folder structure
- improved search [big fan of this]
- resources within search results

Can configure in terms of language and terminology (if don’t like it)
My Plan – add item easily
My Progress – easy view and print reports

Focus on continuous improvement (start in 2000
- Base is content delivery system
- Build out what customers say they need

Learning Trends
- Social learning and collaboration
- Mobile – smartphones and tablets
- Continued eed for ILT, but more integrated with and supported by online resources
- More compliance needs at all levels of the org
- More personalized experience for the learners
- Focus on customer content [yay]
o Integrate and use with off-the-shelf content
o Created and publish by many people – formal instruction, Expert-created resources, end-user submissions

Reporting – start to rollout in SkillPort 7.1
ILT updates also starting to rollout

SkillPort 7.1 – Still in Controlled Release (including my university)
- Early feedback on new reporting being addressed
- Main: new reporting engine
- More complex, but more flexible [personally a fan of the changes]

SkillPort 7.1 – Deep Linking [unfortunately still does not work very well with LDAP]
- Designed to go to SkillPort user screen

ILT 4.0 released March 2011 [also fond of these changes, though I wish I got more warning about the UI change]
- Focus on customer pain points
Conflict alerts – ILT checks to see if a classroom or instructor booked
Enroll at top of page
Course and sessions now collapsible
Better control over enrollment and session roster
Email improvem,ents
Event journals
Skillport company admin can configure 25 ILT settings
- September 2011 – ILT support will be folded into core SkillPort Platform

SkillPort 7.2 – Probably next couple of months. In final testing stage
- Admin UI redesign
o Task-based vs area based
o Drop-down tabs
o Focus on consistent user patterns across all
- Granular object support
o Can assign topic vs. entire course [YAY]
- Ability for admins to assign books to My Plan (also videos and course topics)
- Development Plan Support – collaborative folder
o Shared control folder allow manager and employee to build plan together
o Approval state – approve plan and report against. User can view against development plan
o Learners request Waivers for resources in the folder
o Different from learning program – very specific program. Completion. More permanent
o Development plan is a grouping of resources, but may change
o Company can hide development plan (enabled/disabled)
- External Learning events
o Can now assign to User or Group. Admin can create OR user can create.
o Can create in My Plan or in My Progress
o Learning Events have a completion status and show up in My Progress and Reporting
o Both end user and administrative side
o External learning object – sits in catalog. External learning event – ad hoc [no news on whether reporting on external learning objects has improved]
- New area for Manage Approvals (if using Approval Manager workflow) (in 7.1)
- Course topics and book sections now in Learning Programs. Do not need to add entire course or book/chapter
o Shorter and more focused learning
o Assign course TOPICS to My Plan [yay yay yay!!!!]
o Works in newer architecture. Older arch not supported (like Office 2003).
o If use SkillStudio – will also be supported
o Can also deep link to topic
- inGenius – social learning layer incl wikis and blogs
o Same engine SkillPort and Books 24x7. Single profile.
o Has activity stream that you can make public (also comments etc)
o Community activity in search results.
o Can recommend and like. Report most recommended.
o Moderation features for admin (passive). No anonymous posting.
o Can report comment as abusive
o Basic reporting (most active courses and people)
- Blogs and Wikis in 7.2
o 1st version
o Simple link on left. Can turn on and off.
o Can set up who the authors are in both
o Treating blogs and wikis as content
o Most valuable when use as part of learning programs (not there yet). Want people to start playing with them.

Easier integration of customer content
- Next 3-6 months
o Direct publish to SkillPort from SkillStudio / Dialog Design
o Add support to SCT for new media types
o Integrate SCT functionality into SkillSoft Publisher
o Add support to Publisher for simple publish of passive content (no completion)
- 6-12 months
o Provide seamless login from SkillPort Admin UI to publisher
o Integrate Publisher into SkillPort
o Support custom previews via main SkillPort site (eliminate separate preview site
o Add simple assessment creation functionality to SkillPort Admin UI
- Emerging Mobile Learning Framework
o Supplements, but does not replace traditional eLearning
o Component of corporate learning ecosystem
o Tracking and reporting key
o Appropriate content, appropriate device, appropriate time
o Must be simple
o Targeting most popular platforms (iPhone, Pad, Andriod, BlackBerry new phones + playbook
o Customer created content
o 2 pronged

SkillPort 7.3 – Q3/Q4
- Integration of ILT to core SkillPort
o Enhanced workflows & User experience
- Additional reporting templates
o Enhancement to support SARM customer upgrades
- 1st phase of compliance support
o Enhance course recurrence and retake
o Central repository for emails + email editing
- Mobile support and access to My Plan and My Progress
- Streamlined process for self-publishing Custom Content
- Customer Keyword Support
o Keywords against content so highlighted in search results.
o You can customize terminology in system

Mid next year
- Focus on user experience
- Continued reporting improvements
- Increased focus on collaboration and social learning
- Increased focus on Mobile
- Full Compliance support

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