Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#skillsoftp11 Hands On Lab: SkillStudio

Thankfully for all participants I have both Purelled myself sterile and refused to actually put my hands on the machine. Left before the actual hands-on portion of the program.

A few notes:

SkillStudio will allow you to edit SkillSoft-generated content [which would be the ONLY reason why we would consider purchase]

Based on SkillSoft ID model.

If building from scratch in this tool, they recommend that the developer have the following skills:
- Strong understanding of Instructional Design and SkillSoft’s Instructional Design model
- Graphics editing and audio creation experience
o Audio and graphics must be final before adding to SkillStudio
- Proficiency in Windows
- Course authoring experience (the interface can be a bit overwhelming for first time developers)

The tool requires desktop install from a source CD.
- Mandatory training with purchase for up to 4 developers
o Virtual – 2 half-day sessions.

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