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#skillsoftp11 Engineered Engagement

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BTW – this was a VERY popular session
Presentation: Leadership Development: Engineered Engagement
Presenter: Patti Blasingame, GC Services

From 2 programs into 1 structured program
- Blended eLearning with ILT

SkillPort implemented by this company 2005. 500 licenses / 300 courses.
- Company of 5000+ employees
- Used as pilot

First leadership program instructor led 2001
- Time-intensive
- Time away from operations is extra work for them

October 2009 – Goals
- Increase SkillPort Utilization
- Create a process to engage centers / learners
- Improve business performance
- Improve team performance
- Improve manager performance
- Reduce front-end employee turnover
- Increase client satisfaction

Between 2009-2010
- Increase course access 82.08%
- Increase total users 67.6% (topped out their licenses – waiting list to get into SkillPort)
o They will be revisiting licenses
- Increase completions 88%

Reengineered Leadership Dev process to
- Gain better ROI
- Get more engagement
- Offer more flexibility
- Provide more job relevance
- Reduce time off production floor (if in training class, the audience is very distracted because thinking of operations)

- Front line managers
- Most have NEVER managed in their life
- Needed to connect lessons in SkillPort to their own day-to-day existence. Context

Old solution – Workshops
- Classes either 1 or 2 day (4-8 managers off production floor for entire day)
- Costly (materials and time off floor)
- Inflexible

New Solution – Leadership Learning Series
- Example – Coaching for Top Performance ILT time reduced from 16 hours to 4 hours
- Benefits
o GC certifies facilitators
o Workshops 90 minutes max.. In-person time. Split into chunks
o Class size 1-20
o Courses accessed anytime – Can do in own environment on company time or outside
o Lower direct costs

SkillPort courses generally done outside production areas so not distracting

Coaching for Top Performance (example)
- 60 minute Intro workshop
- Creating your own leadership Development Plan (1hr) SkillPort course
- Giving Feedback: A managers Guide (4 hr) SkillPort course
- 90 minute checkpoint workshop
- Managing as coach and counselor (3.5 hours) SkillPort course
- Leadership essential for motivating employees (1hr) SkillPort course
- 90 minute wrap-up workshop
o Workshops ongoing
- Assignments from the SkillPort courses done in Context
o example. Managers create OWN Leadership Development Plan for Checkpoint workshop
o They created their own supplemental materials
 Word, Dreamweaver and PowerPoint
- Workshops all about of what they learned / discussion around the SkillPort assignment
o Many workshops virtual
- Total duration of sequence –
o This was mandated. Gave them 90 days to complete the process
o Each center started process at different times (based on workload and culture of that particular center). Managed own timelines within the deadline.
o Current avg time to completion – 60 days

- Oct 2009: More licenses
o Develop shorter workshops
- Nov 2009
o Communicate change from Instructor Led workshops to Leadership Learning
o Attend SkillSoft Admin training for ILT module
o Schedule training
o Develop 1st Leadership Development Program
- Dec 2009
o Finalize program
o Load into SkillPort
o Build ILT structure
- Jan 2010
o Publish workshop materials to intranet
o Conduct field administrator virtual training Dialog Live
o Conduct facilitator workshop virtual training Dialog Live
o Ongoing Maintenance
 Setup User IDs
 Reset passwords
 Coach admins and facilitators – at least 2-3 days (HR and some ops)
 Ongoing coaching / support

Mandate to change the workshops – CEO level.
- He likes saving money. They showed how they can save 100k per year by going blended.
- Also liked the reduction in time off floor.

Find she is much more engaged now with her end users.

Pre-Implementation Experience
- Get the word out
- Identify Center Admins
- Add 900 Users
- Conduct Admin/Facilitator Training
- Coaching sessions
- Develop and publish LLS workshops
- Communicate

This program is starting to be done as pre-requisite for management
- Management trainees being encouraged to take this course.
- Remember: they have limited licenses, so needed to prioritize participation
- Once trained in how to use system, engagement easier

The Benefits
- Flexible implementation – can customize to environment and issues.
o Even more engagement from managers and HR
- Workshop roster fits ops schedule
- Certify facilitators internally
- Nearly 75% less time off production floor
- Streamlined methods for building bench strength
- No wasted materials
- More engagement

ROI – Training hours and turnover comparison
- Generally as increase training hours, decrease turnover.
- Is keeping in mind that there are numerous variables [like collections call center being thankless] that also impact turnover
- Looked at all centers individually to also see if there is something else going on with that center
- Used MayTab to create graphs for presentation

Training metrics used in business case
- Turnover (CEO’s number 1 priority)

[Couldn’t hear the answer to whether they measured the managers who took the class and their turnover. The presenter started mumbling when she was answering questions.]

$93,000 saved in 3 centers (attrition costs)
- Development costs: 4 week dev cycle.

Future outlook
- Business impact series
- Challenge series

Key Success Factors = Engagement
- Relevant
- Flexible
- Dynamic

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