Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#skillsoft Marketing Strategies Part 4

Pascale Winnick, Symantec

Marketing Resources
- Career Circuit - each month focus on a new resource / skill topic
+ Done as blended learning
- Learning Excellence Credits (CEO-driven)
+ Target # of credits per year
+ Approximately 1 hr = 1 credit with some flux depending on complexity
+ Credits also given for training performed outside of HR training
- LED Intranet Site
+ Multiple occurances
+ Direct links (again with some reprogramming by their IT folks)
- Learning paths - tied to competencies
- Marketing emails - upcoming training

Career Circuit
- Skill Fitness for peak performance
- Online pre-work, then interactive 90 minute webinar
- Wide variety of professional skills topic (focus on soft skills)
- Earn learning excellence credits - 1 per webinar

PowerPoint Ad Deck during 15 minutes before webinar
- Gives ad and information for program WHILE waiting for webinar to start
[genius idea]

Marketing emails
- 2-3 weeks before offering programs'
- Templated. Only things change are the 1st paragraph and the link

They use SumTotal as LMS with registration and schedule

Delivery team helps with development
- they want to be involved in creating the training
- this team also in trenches so hear questions and can help drive the topics

All webinars
- Within 3-5 minutes have people do SOMETHING (interact)
+ check/x or smileys or raise hands
+ whiteboards
+ breakout rooms
- Using mostly Live Meeting with some WebEx

Program Newsletter - towards top 15% of employees
- Director / Manager / Individual Contributor tracks
- Also a next level newsletter for that employee's immediate supervisor with talking points.
- Direct links to tools / resources within and outside of SkillPort

Faithful following only happened when blended
- Webinar, books, learning

Marketing emails
- Short subject, call to action
- Clear call to action early in message
- Concise - 25 words or less per paragraph, 4 lines per paragraph
- Peer pressure marketing with quotes on how program improved life

India - not like Books 24x7
- One cafeteria in the office
- Table tents - 1 side ad, 2nd side instructions
- cards disappear, usage increase

In offices where ILT held, have posters advertising tools and courses

- Remember the benefit to the learner
- Active voice
- Concise/Impactful
- Positive language (no don'ts or can'ts)
The solutions here were very similar to Chrissie's for Deloitte. I left a bit early because I could no longer control my hacking and coughing.

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