Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#skillsoft Marketing Strategies Part 3

Chrissie Gale - Deloitte

I didn't know we had access to this!!!

People only have so much mind space
- Gotta hit at the right time

Problem with launch-only marketing
- Content gets old fast
- Lose audience
- Message lost

Keep constant flow with different media
- cross-sell marketing and repackaging content
- Target messages

SkillSoft Learning Growth Model

- Marketing must progress through growth model as well.

This team branded the training department.

Studied the audience and what people needed (done by staff of 60 on Global team + 1000+ learning professionals in local offices)
- Newsletter: to learning professionals
- Touchpoint calls - learning leadership in each country
- Email to learners - opt-in
- Face to face visits with member firms
- Live on conference calls and webinars
+ Webinars targeted specifically to audience

Make it consistent
- Look and feel like Deloitte
- Images
- Tone

Cross-sell -tell them again and again in a different way
- Embed in other publications
- Extend reach of learning

Make use of provided content
- Package content into Learning Solutions - ease of access and context
- Created a mini-portal
+ Need to know
+ Secondary site linked to main page
+ Content linked from SkillPort (Deloitte had people program an interface to make up for the broken deep-linking with LDAP. Symantec did the same)
+ Goal: quick and easy for end user

Timely messages, email and Intranet delivery
- opt in subscription to newsletter
- Newsletter 1x per week
- Templated

Inside Learning newsletter for learning professionals
- Was monthly with 5-6 articles. Too long and folks not reading
- Now weekly with 1 article
- Assistance on how to use things
+ Can TELL me there is an event, but what do I do with it?
- Ask learning teams how can help

Created Marketing Resource center for the local learning professionals
- Branding info
- Toolkits
- Flash ads
- Tips and best practices
This was my favorite presentation of the 4.

Shame they had to get their local IT folks to create a linking interface to get the direct links in SkillPort 7.1 to work. Bah.

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