Monday, May 09, 2011

#skillsoft Marketing Strategies Part 1

I should be at the welcome reception right now. Networking, schmoozing, etc. What I had hoped was allergies has turned into a full blown head cold.

Since I seriously doubt my employers will allow me to expense NyQuil and hard candies as a meal, I am eating some soup, some Corn Nuts and some Arizona Green tea.

The brunette in the ponytail and glasses coughing near the power outlets. That's me. Hopefully some rest and lots of chicken soup will knock this thing out.
Brecken Pitts, Victoria Shelves - SkillSoft

1) Effective marketing depends on what happens BEFORE the creative work begins
- Talk to your learning consultant for help planning

2) Think of your audience
- Who is your target audience?
- Why would they be interested?
- Use language they would use
- Create "Personas"
+ What is that audience's greatest issue? Time to do the tutorials? Technology barrier? "I learn better in a classroom?"

3) Focus on a SINGLE message
- One strong value proposition can have a tremendous impact
- Put message in headline
- Make sure elements (graphics etc) support value proposition

4) Keep visual design clean and simple
- Learn to love white space
- Use proven layout (borrow stuff)
- Think about production
+ The simpler the design = cheaper and less prone to problems
- For web - keep the important stuff above the scroll

5) Make copy easy to read
- Avoid white print on dark background
- Avoid print on patterns
- Don't center justify long blocks. Use left justified
- Use bubbles and captions
- No funny fonts. Arial is still the most readable.

6) Don't forget the call to action
- Make it prominent
- URL or Clickable graphic
- Reward for action NOW
- Action words

7) Choose your media carefully
- Reach in office
- Remind on desk ("desk drop")
- Email - timing is everything
+ Afternoons - Tues, Wed or Thursday best
+ [How can we implement this outside of that pesky Infomail spam?]

8) Start a conversation
- Invite participation / interaction
- Remember the Publisher's Clearinghouse Stickers? More buy-in if they interact.
- Ask a question
- Contest / Quiz
+ Most courses completed? Hours per month? 1st 10 to finish x?
- Newsletter
+ What's new, tips, suggested searches
+ Quarterly or monthly (at most)
- Blogs and forums (if have established social media presence)

9) Design for measurability
- Set measurable goals!
+ Increase usage of ___ by ____ in ____ time period
- Remember: direct mail only sees 2% jump in sales. Set realistic goals
- Test efforts - A/B test
+ Create one thing (like an email)
+ Send out 2 types - changing one minor thing (like the subject)
+ What gives best return?
- Advertising only a PART of your marketing
+ Add online courses to ILT for blended learning
+ Incorporate online courses into Performance Mgmt program
+ Mention in meetings

10) Optimize over time (lather, rinse and repeat)
- Results fade over time
- Continually market
+ Always new stuff (implementations, feature topics, etc)
- Remember: not all problems solved by marketing

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