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Skillport#p11 The 2020 Workplace

Presentation: The 2020 Workplace
Presenter: Jeanne Meister

[Left briefly at the beginning of the presentation]
What is life going to be like in 2020?

25% of workday – looking for answers to questions

For a 1000 workers – inability to quickly find answers is millions of dollars of lost productivity

Want to have their work life look a lot like their home like
- Same productivity tools as personal life (Wikipedia, facebook, google, etc)
- Same tools (mac, iPhone, etc) Stressing IT policy and security.

- “Training department” – not resonate. Training is part of the job.
- Work/life balance is dated. Work is PART of life.
- REAL issue – work/life flexibility

2020 – Participation revolution
- Revolutions are happening faster
- From 100s of years to 10s of years to a few years
- Consumer experience will have tremendous impact on learning
- We are creating experiences to change attitudes and behaviors

Author used twitter for research with hash tags

What is interesting is not QUANTITY of YouTube
- Young adults using YouTube for How To videos.
+ Learning to DRIVE in YouTube video
- Can learn ANYTHING on YouTube
- Some companies – for each course in curriculum, looking at what is out there on YouTube that can be vetted and brought in as pre-work

Use what is already available

What is the impact on learning of all this participation
- IT concept – Consumerization of IT. We bring our needs to the IT dept. and uses and saying “This is what I want to do.”
- Will see the same thing with learning. We want our LMS, Intranet etc to work like Google Search engine

Focus on the experience
- Build an engaging experience
- Should be at HEART of what we are doing

Gamification (points, badges etc) – help us ALL get engaged and motivated
- Didn’t this start with frequent flyer programs? How did our behavior change as a result?

Flipping the classroom – Khan Academy
- Started by tutoring cousins in math on YouTube
- Attracted math teachers around the world. Students see video first and discuss in class.
- 2200 videos.
- He has already GIVEN the lecture. The classroom now the discussion and collaboration zone.

Salman Khan TED talk

3 trends

Globalization – global access to markets and talent
- Everyone spread out, maybe all over world.
- Companies identifying global mindset as a core competency
+ corporate responsibility programs now embedded globally
+ IBM – can compete to bring skills to another country
+ Join resources and budgets – learning and IBM foundation

Demographics – 5 generations working side-by-side
- 2020 Millenials will be 50% of workforce (North America data)
- Attitudes of millennial generation (1977-1997) global

- PEW research survey – How Millenial Are You?
+ How do you read the paper?
+ Each of us is adopting a millennial mindset. We are engaged and using tools in both personal and work life.

Social Media inside the organizations
- Likely to use Web 2.0 in learning function
- 2008 – only 8%. In 2011 – will be up to 87%
+ Text, Web, Twitter

[Used Poll Everywhere to get poll using cell phones – very cool presentation tactic]

Productivity seen as both a benefit and a barrier
- Good that they can find experts and collaborate
- Bad because it decreases productivity – checking out own facebook page and for personal stuff
- Same fears as email really

To address barriers
- Make sure working on cross-functional way with Er, Legal, HR to create guidelines and policies to use social media inside org

Some predictions coming true in 2011
- Intel Digital IQ online course – for handful of Intel Spokespeople
+ Media training
+ Eventually expanded to everyone
- Social Media training will be as common as ethics and other compliance training
+ How to be respectful and responsible using social media

World’s Most Interesting Intern – Greg Justice
[nothing like watching corporate white boys rapping about ergonomic desk chairs]
- Found Greg through Twitter
- “When they told me to share my experience, it never occurred to me to write it.”
- So did you get the job at Cisco? “Nah, interviewing to be a Hollywood Screenwriter.”

When you think about learning in 2020 - what comes to mind?
- Social
- Apps
- Gamification – more achievement-oriented learning

Social and participatory now a REQUIREMENT to get a job.
- One company – Twitter ad contest. Send 13 tweets about why should they get a job as a paid intern.
+ Develop blog, YouTube channel
+ WHY should you get this job?

How do we as an organization reduce time between discovery and adoption of new products and services?
- Thrown question to the network – internal and customers

How do we create content and make it easy to
- Contribute
- Comment
- Access from anywhere (incl mobile)

IBM Survey OF 707 CHROs

- Financial performers – 57% more likely than underperformers to use networking and collaborative tools inside org

We will see more studies proving the value of this.

What can you do?
- Be on top of demographic issue. What will next decade look like?
- Are you a personal user of these technologies? Esp social networking tools
- Practice Vuja De – look at something you may have been in before, but with a fresh set of eyes
+ My job, my role, what I deliver
+ Don’t repeat same things over and over

What can Organizations do?
+ Telecommuting Policies and Training
+ New skills for the 2020 workplace
-- Social Media Literacy training tip of the iceburg
-- Develop a global mindset
+ Reverse Mentoring
-- I want to grow and develop through mentor and coach
-- Reach out to younger members of org. Often powered by tech platform
-- Listen to the younger members

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