Monday, May 09, 2011

Hello World (again)

Hello. Long time no blog (since November 2010).

If you want to know what I have been up to (at least personally) in the interim,
look here.

Let's just say Wendy is focusing on her own learning in a different realm.

I'll summarize what I've learned in the past 7 months in the near future.
Professionally - I've been focused on work projects. All of my creativity has pretty much gone towards the following activities:

- Creating a mess of new tutorials on topics ranging from new email systems to compliance training + lots and lots of conversions for other groups.

- A major LMS upgrade (that I decided to not write about because it looked like all of the other upgrades I've done. Nothing new there).

- With a lot of help, attempting to fix a couple features broken by the major LMS upgrade.

- Other projects (that I also decided not to write about because it looked like all of the other projects I've done. Nothing new there either.)

- Getting ITIL certified. I can now certifiably destroy an IT department! Hooray!

- The beginning stages of designing a reporting system using the LMS, some of our enterprise systems and anything else that might seem useful. As in very beginning stages. I may write about this once I get a bit more traction.

- The usual operational emergencies. There seemed to be an unusual number of them over the past 7 months.

I also didn't feel like I had all that much to contribute to the conversation that I hadn't said before.

Thank goodness for conferences!

I am currently in Orlando for SkillSoft Perspectives 2011. I've decided to blog this conference.

Also blogging Innovations in eLearning 2011 again this year.

I hope, between these 2 events, I will finally get some of my professional blogging mojo back.

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