Monday, May 16, 2011

Closest thing to an action shot that will ever exist

This was the final week of CrossFit Sectionals. 6+ weeks of competition.
Different workout every week.
Didn't come in last ;)
Part of what I've been up to over the past 7 months.

Very educational.

I learned about:

- Performance under pressure

- Choking (I performed better at the gym, I think, than I did in the competition most weeks)

- The many colors of performance anxiety
+ Never done this before anxiety (Week 1)
+ I don't know if I can do this anxiety (Week 3)
+ Why are all these strangers watching me? anxiety (all weeks)
+ I can do this but I suck at it anxiety (all weeks)
+ I can barely DO this move, and you expect me to JUDGE it?!? anxiety(weeks 2 and 5)

- The importance of just doing it - nevermind how WELL you do it

- The importance of a solid support system (the folks at Potomac CrossFit and Patriot CrossFit ROCK)

- The importance of continuing - even when you really really really want to quit (Week 5, 20 minutes of power cleans, toes to bar and heavy wallball = sucky)

- Pacing (It kept me from getting too beat up or seeing white elephants)

- Taking each day and each event as it comes.

- Focusing on process vs. end goal.

My goal for this competition was to be able to do everything they asked of me. Except for the 110# jerk (ie - getting that barbell overhead and locked out by any means necessary), I did everything that was asked of me.

For this 40 year old former couch potato and kinesthetic moron - this was a victory.
It was also the first time I embarked on something where I had nothing to lean on.
And something so "out of my league".

Book learning for me is easy.
I trust that I can figure things out eventually with the right resources.

Get me to perform physically, however, and it is a whole different ball game.

I have a lot more empathy now for those who are scared of the classroom or feel that they can never learn or do something. Because prior experience has taught them that the chance of failure is high.

Failure is painful.

Yet if you manage to pass through the failure point, amazing things happen.

You come out of the experience a different person.
Thanks Nicole for the picture.

And if you want to see the crazy stuff I'm still doing - this video at 1:08. I'm in the grey shirt. And that is 30 reps of power snatch at 75#.

I need to start with my hips lower.....

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Tom Kuhlmann said...

Pretty cool and good insight on the learning experience.