Monday, November 15, 2010

Open Letter to Adobe

Dear Adobe:

I am very disappointed.

I just spent 5 hours this weekend republishing and reposting Captivate 5 tutorials broken by your latest Flash Player upgrade.

I was lucky. I only had 3 aggregate projects to recreate and nothing on my LMS. If I had to repost those tutorials to my LMS, I would have had to add another 10-30 minutes per tutorial.

I appreciate the effort made by your Captivate 5 team to release a bug fix within a day of discovering the issue. However, the fix really needed to come from the Flash Player team that broke it.

I am now going to spend my day contact other Captivate 5 users at my institution to assist them through this process and evaluating the carnage.


From the comments on this Adobe Captivate Blog post, it appears Adobe is going to re-evaluate their testing protocols for updates.

I look forward to your organization applying the lessons learned from this episode.

A long term and loyal Adobe product user.


Scott Skibell said...

I too lost faith in Adobe when their Flash player corrupted the audio in my Camtasia files several years ago and made all the voices sound like chimpmunks.

I find this to be completely unacceptable. I can't afford to "re-work" everything for my clients.

Perhaps Steve Jobs is right after all.

Wendy said...

Probably wouldn't go that far (though I suffered the chipmunk problem too, back in the day). I can almost understand it with applications not under their wing (like Camtasia). Captivate, however, is an in-house product. It tells me that the teams don't talk to each other as much as they should. That could have some very serious ramifications down the road if they don't fix their process.

davidjmcclelland said...

When this kind of thing happens my skepticism about the whole concept of user-friendly eLearning in a can comes back.

But something similar happened to me in 1998 with Director Shockwave content more than once, so... *sigh*