Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Made it to #DL10

My goal for this conference: to get my eLearning mojo back.

Life and work since Innovations in eLearning have conspired to make me utterly burned out on everything related to eLearning, education, etc.

I have become increasingly convinced that the existance of training departments is solely to check the "training" box during a project or for "compliance."

My bitter self has come to the conclusion that folks in the workplace don't actually want to learn. They want to prove to their boss they are making an "effort". Or escape their cubicle. Or check the box marked "training".

I am hoping that my colleagues at this conference will talk me off this particular ledge.



The most successful thing I have done recently is to develop support materials for various projects. The simple documents seem to be the most successful. Go figure.


Oh yes - also developed an introductory movie for our LMS upgrade to entertain people during the required outage. That went over very well. Particularly the epic goth orchestral soundtrack. I am going to try to get permission to share the movie from my employers.


Hope to see you all at DevLearn 2010!

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Anonymous said...

When we're "learning" what you tell us to learn, it's "check the box." When we're learning things we want to know, it's not covered by the training budget and we don't mind doing it on our own time.

Now get off the ledge and do more blogging :-)