Thursday, November 04, 2010

#DL10 Random Thursday Thoughts

Had a chance to talk to BJ (who happens to work for QualComm). The example Lance Dublin gave is still more of a "push" technology than he let on. Still a good solution - used to help onboard employees through their first 52 weeks. It's all about culture sharing.


The biggest takeaway for me so far - we (as eLearning specialists) are in a fantastic position to help create learning / sharing environments. Let the subject matter expert create the content.

These environments are not necessarily technological.

Many of us work in a space in our organization where we get to touch all corners. We are in a prime position to help facilitate and cultivate these environments / cultures in our orgs. Even just the simple "hey you should talk to...." improves value to the organization.


The other takeaway - my focus on support vs. "traditional" training / course development is a sound strategy. A course is only a very very small part of what we need to be doing.

I think as educators we are in a position where we should be inserting ourselves much earlier into project processes. Sometimes, we are the only voice of the end-user when systems (whether technological, organizational or other) are being designed and developed.

I've seen too many systems developed recently where the end-user was forgotten during the development process - despite the end user being CRITICAL to the success of that system. Then they want to blame the problem on "training" when really the system is missing a consistent model, has too many exceptions and too many complicated inputs. No wonder change fails.


I hear it is very pretty outside.......

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