Tuesday, November 02, 2010

#DL10 High Impact Learning Communities Pt 4

This particular section is more hands-on / thought time. Creating your own strategy.
My initial thoughts on what I want to do (at least the partials) is at the link below

Wendy's Learning Community Plan

I will probably update the link later as we get more groups submit their ideas or when I find a better link.

Bonus with launch - you have a new toy folks want to play with.
Growth - the hardest.

Technologies most likely to be adopted when conveniently placed.

You can design a learning community with the understanding that there will be peaks and valleys in participation. Depends on the type of community.

Also - how do you define success?

For maintaining engagement, some ideas include opportunities to meet with special executives, special training opportunities, events and games within the community.

Seed questions.

Encourage immediate contributions from the new folks.
- What was the one tip you found most useful when learning.....

- super-users can schedule, moderate, approve/deny content, etc
- you ultimately want the value of the community to be intrinsic to the community
- Chair / gardener - and maybe have it change every year
- Make sure that you are innovating to continue to make sharing etc easier.
- Keep funneling new members


You control the rate at which people learn.
And none of this is impossible.

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