Tuesday, November 02, 2010

#DL10 High Impact Learning Communities Pt 3

(distracted trying to get work stuff done)

Keep the learner (needs + context of the learner) in mind when designing a social learning solution.

Some tools being considered by the audience
- Jive, Sharepoint, Online forums, Saba, Jambok, Salesforce, Webex Connect, Cubetree, Ning, Moodle, Wordpress, Documentum, Google Apps, Listserv

Remember to create purpose
- Who, what and why of community.

Marketing your learning community
- creating buy-in is similar to internal marketing.
- Goal: get your learner to CRAVE knowledge
- Internal marketing mission critical.

Marketing - remarkable posters - worth remarking about.
+ not about DPI, color schemes and pictures
+ gotta make the poster stick out.
+ think outside the box - quantity or location (bathrooms are a great place to advertise)
+ look for places where folks aren't competing with their time.
+ use area around
+ look at "marketing" to get an idea for how best to communicate your project
+ Don't need large budgets.
+ you are either remarkable or invisible. NOTHING in between.

How to
- Where does a person generally walk by / look at during the course of a day?
- Communication methods available?
- Size, quantity, color contrast, placement, attachment
- Connect all 3
+ Massive poster on the side of your conference room
+ Post-it notes in kitchen - lots and placed by everything you touch

Err on the side of humor / good nature

- effective headlines
- powerful logos

Marketing - effective headline
- vs. catchy headline. 8 people read the headline. 2 people read the rest of the poster
- The headline will need to sell itself (see books)

Principles for creating ultra-effective headlines
- Promise something
+ Value - better, faster, cheaper
- Practical
+ change behavior
+ moving your body rather than just moving your mind

What does almost every employee need?
- job security
- productivity
- best friend at work / support / sense of belonging and community
- empowerment
- satisfaction / meaning in work
- pay
- recognition / self-worth

How to [verb] (noun+descriptor) with/via/in # (noun+descriptor)
How to [beat] your (closest competition) with these #3 (social media tactics)
How to [engage] your (students) via #two (timeless motivational stories).

This may take many more drafts to get something just right.
Will allow you to brainstorm using the formula.

Marketing - Powerful logos
- communicate credibility
- remember - lots of things vying for attention. Depending on past experience, you may or may not have reputation
- some companies see the training org as a "this will be a distraction" or not important
- Sometimes shaking the reputation through marketing can be useful, allow you to start fresh.

If this training program suddenly evaporates, will learners cry out for a replacement?
- goal answer is "yes"

For your champions / initial seeders - want 10% of final audience number
- 15 minimum

One idea: Instead of next step - "rest of you come in", invite group but don't invite the rest.
Let THEM invite the rest - nomination
- create scarcity
- Not everyone can be part of the "elites"

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