Thursday, November 04, 2010

#DL10 Early Morning Thoughts

I find that I am needing this time to get away and just think.

A conversation with Cammy Bean clarified what I have been doing over the last year.

The instructor-led training I have been designing has been focused on making the project teams feel better and giving the end-user help and support resources.

The important part of these instructional design is the support resources - NOT the classroom training. This despite the project team's focus on the classroom training being the "true" deliverable. You know....check the box.

When I think about the objectives for the 4-5 courses I have created this year, the first objective is always along the lines of "find and use help resources."

With the reduction of classroom space, the first question I find myself asking anyone who is insisting on classroom training is - do you need the conversation? If not - there are other options.

One of the action items I am taking away from this conference is to get more people at our university comfortable with Elluminate, Captivate and not always thinking classroom first.

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