Monday, September 13, 2010

Just Doing It

FYI - I am doing a fundraiser for Wounded Warriors and Livestrong called Fight Gone Bad.

My fundraising page is here, if you are willing to help.

The 2 charities:
Livestrong is Lance Armstrong's foundation to eradicate cancer.

Wounded Warriors is for wounded US soldiers.

I personally consider myself very lucky to have friends who have or are voluntarily serving our country and who, to date, have not needed the service of the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

To my friends currently overseas - come home safe and soon.


Dan S is one of the gentlemen I work out with at 5:30am most mornings. I've known him for about a year. Sometime in April, he got it in his head that he was going to compete in CrossFit.

He ratcheted his diet down. Lost 35# in 3 months.
He worked very hard towards getting a pullup - I watched him do 3 in a row, easily, last week.
He managed to get a handstand pushup within a couple of weeks of putting his mind to it.

I'm watching him work his tail off most mornings as he trains for the CrossFit sectionals in March.

He'll be 50 soon. Dan started in January 2009.

I decided in April I wanted to compete in the Masters.

Next year will be the 2nd year CrossFit has a Masters section.

Dan and I talked after a workout one morning. I had watched him finish a workout that challenged him to the core. Part of his training.

I have no idea if I can even finish the workout. The least I can do is try. Figured I'd just do it. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky with what comes out of the hopper.

I had been coming up with a list of reasons why I couldn't compete.
- I suck at pullups
- I suck at double-unders
- I don't have a muscle up
- I don't have a handstand pushup
- I just barely do some workouts at 65#
- I suck at running (and flat out hate doing it)
- I suck at rowing nauseum

"....figured I'd just do it....."

Dan's words haunted me for a couple of days.

In the 14 months since I started this CrossFit thing, I have never competed. Never done a major "group" workout.

"...figured I'd just do it...."

Dan's the reason I am doing Fight Gone Bad.

"...figured I'd just do it..."

Thanks Dan. For everything.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Do This and Feel Better

Kelly Starrett, a physical therapist and owner of San Francisco CrossFit, is putting together one of the best online courses I've seen.

Mobility WOD

What makes this brilliant:

- Each workout is only 10 minutes.
- The information builds on itself
- ANYONE can do it - though the audience is CrossFitters
- You do 1 per day. I enjoy the surprise factor
- The videos + brief post explain the exercise and why it will help
- Starting in post 3 - he's got a physical test and retest to prove that the exercise helps.

The objectives of the course are simple
1) Get more flexible
2) Don't get injured
3) Learn anatomy to help achieve objectives 1 and 2

It's on the student to do the work.

This Mobility WOD post demonstrates what I am talking about.