Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creating Magic

Jon Matzner, one of the coaches at my gym, reminded me of Derek Siver's story of his encounter with a great teacher.

Sometimes, it takes another set of eyes from an unexpected direction to revisit an idea.

Jon looked at Kimo as the type of teacher he wants to be. One with high expectations that inspires high performance in his pupils. I see that in Jon's coaching. I try to do the same thing in my classroom. Lots of focus, little fluff.

What made Derek's interaction with Kimo so magical wasn't just a motivated teacher with high expectations - it was a motivated student who craved the challenge.

I realized, upon reading this essay more carefully, that I want to be the type of STUDENT that can take the pace. That expects that much more from myself. That can be fully present in that moment.

It also forced me to ask myself if there is really any "goal" that will motivate me like that? And upon reflection, I have realized that I am very lazy. It's been OK to move at the standard pace. My excuse has been "well - it's more likely to stick that way."

But what if....

What if I could be that student? The one who craves challenge? The one who needs the adrenaline rush? What would that feel like? What needs to happen to get there? What needs to be sacrificed?

Figuring out how to be that student can only help me be that teacher.

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