Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thoughts on Captivate 5

I had hoped to stall the upgrade a bit longer. Unfortunately, our purchasing arm ixnayed those plans - forcing all new users to purchase Captivate 5.

This is a major UI change, so I had to get up to speed pronto. I have 2 groups purchasing Captivate 5 and starting the eLearning conversion process.

Below are my thoughts.


- Digging the new tabs and the ability to see properties on the same screen. Took some getting used to, but now that I know where to look - I'm a fan.

- The lack of a storyboard view really threw me. Finally figured out that I needed to expand the Filmstrip to see all of the slides and move things around.

- Big change in my personal workflow - I need to remember to set the Object Styles for each of the standard objects first thing - BEFORE I start filming. It will make the filming process much easier.

- Took awhile to figure out the Master Slide concept. I can see how this will work great if I am using different backgrounds throughout my presentation. I need to experiment more to see how this is going to work most effectively and why you would create multiple Master Slides.

- No more saving separate Captivate Template files. Now I need to create a baseline project. Makes sense. Especially since most of the people I work with tend to copy/paste items from old projects anyway rather than work from set templates.

- Once I took care of the Windows 7 audio problems, Captivate 5 seems to have a much better audio processor.

- Adore the copy/paste slide feature and the ability to have multiple projects open at once. Hooray!!!!

As with any UI change, this one is taking me a while to get used to its quirks. Right now, I am slower with my development and editing. Thankfully, I had a much easier time wrapping my head around the UI logic than I did with Office 2007.

Overall - liking the new Captivate. Haven't tried the Mac version yet since my MacBook Pro is in the process of melting (don't ask). If anyone has any further feedback on Captivate 5 - please comment.


Kevin Siegel said...

Recommend that you stick with the Classic workspace... looks like it causes the least amount of trouble, especially when working with a shared review or using the Properties panel. If you collapse the panels, the darned Properties panel will pop up over and over again like a little puppy. Cute at first but it gets annoying pretty quick.

Anonymous said...

I thought Macs never ever failed or melted down. The friends I have that use Macs claim the OS never ever crashes and is so solid that granite envies them. As a result, this totally explains why there simply are no virus' to worry about. So there is absolutely no need whatsoever to purchase or install anti-virus software.

On the Captivate 5 front, I'm an old dog. I've used Captivate since RoboDemo days. Even now, a couple of months or so after release, I STILL find myself far from being remotely close to productive with Captivate 5. I tend to avoid it and shift back into the familiar waters of Captivate 4 when I need to create content.

Captivate 5 seems like a big step backwards. At least with productivity. But hey, I'm sure that because the UI now matches the other Adobe apps that nobody needs any training whatsoever to be immediately and intimately familiar with creating Captivate content. All you need to know is how the panels are arranged and POOF! You are an immediate expert guru in *ANY* Adobe app, right?

Not to mention the fact that Captivate 5 shipped TOTALLY bug free and the developers totally anticipated everything that users would ever want.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Captivate's "New & Improved" ActionScript 3.0 technology makes their SWF output incompatible with Articulate Presenter. I'm sure that this was totally an oversight and not a clever idea supported by Adobe Marketing & Sales cutthroats, right??