Monday, July 12, 2010

Test Scripts

Right now, we are testing our Batch add and update process for our LMS. Unfortunately, this process is going to be manual - as in, the senior Business Analyst creates a .csv file and I upload it to the LMS. Why manual? Because we are waiting for a particular, just-launched project that is supposedly going to solve all of our identity ills.

To test this project, I created a test script in Google Docs.
Here is an open example script with comments.

I broke the testing down into 2 sections:
- Testing the actual batch add and edit process.
+ make sure the .csv files organized the groups the way we expected them to
+ determine any hazard points (like inadvertently erasing everything for a user)

- Functional testing of the group
+ Is the LMS going to do what we thought it was going to do now that we have our users organized in groups.

I gave edit permissions to all of the testers.
We added things to test as we worked.

For testing - we managed (after some begging and pleading) to get some sandbox time so that we didn't inadvertently mess up live data.

Recommendations we will be sending to the Steering Committee are in yellow.

There are pros and cons to working in a system that we have no control over.

My next step is to figure out a way to sell some solutions that don't particularly come close to meeting the requirements. This oughta be good.....

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