Friday, June 04, 2010

#IEL2010 My Personal Takeaways

24/7/365/when needed
Context gives content meaning
Resources include people

Mobile learning isn't really ABOUT the mobile phone. (please see 24/7/365/when needed/in the WAY needed)


I had a chance to talk with Brent Schlenker during lunch yesterday. 2 takeaways from that conversation

- This conference may not have been as much about "cutting edge" so much as it has been about "crystallization". I think we are finally beginning to recognize WHAT the shift is.

- Despite all of the talk about how in-person conferences aren't entirely necessary, being face-to-face with someone allows you to focus in a way that tweeting / skypeing / IMing etc doesn't. Brent noticed that we have been almost trained (by practice) to multitask when we are on a computer. Even when we really should be more focused.


Innovations in eLearning, for me, is a 3 day-long summer camp with my tribe.

And though I talk to them through facebook / twitter / email - there is something special about being able to share physical space, break bread, and hold focused conversations.

It's been a year since I've seen them and, as always, I walk away much richer for the experience.

See you next year.

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